Jan 042017

Welcome back after the Christmas and New Years break, hope you all had good holidays.

Last seasons race was a strange affair with both Redbulls suffering a bug during the race and having to retire. Due to no fault of their own. Leaving Coops to pick up a cheeky win the the Red of Ferrari.

FP1 was Monday 2nd

FP2 is Jan 4th

Qualifying and race at 7:30.


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FP1 Singapore Season 15

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Jan 022017

F1 season 15 gets back into full swing this week, first up if FP1 tonight starting at the usual time of 19:30 and will run until 21:00 so plenty of time to get those laps in.

This week’s race is in Singapore, this track has the most corners of any track on the F1 calendar, it’s a stop start track all the way to the end, no time to take a breather.

Marina Bay Street Circuit

First Grand Prix

Season 1

of Laps


Circuit Length


Race Distance


Last season’s winner


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Spa Race Day

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Dec 092016

Its Friday and that means one thing.

Race day.

We will be commencing at 6:30 for practice. 7:30 Quali start.

Below is the latest hotlap video recorded by Omega and voice by me.

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Spa Race 13

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Dec 052016

Its time for Spa. The longest track on the F1 calendar and one that some would say is the best.

Over the seasons it has thrown up some epic races, from Foggy’s drive through the field to win season 9 to Ramdrop’s and Stevie’s lights the flag victories in recent seasons. With speeds of 200+ MPH and 75% of the time on full throttle, this seasons race could be a classic.

Round Information

  • FP1 – Monday 5th December at 7.30pm
  • FP2 – Wednesday 7th December at 7.30pm
  • FP3 – Friday 9th December at 6.30pm
  • Qualifying starting at 7.30pm on Friday 9th December followed by the race




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