Apr 212017

The Monaco Grand Prix is the one race of the year that every driver dreams of winning many not achieving it, Grandpoppydoo is one of those that has won the this most sort after win a driver wants on his CV, with 1 wins and 3 podiums, this race has always had a high casualty rate, last season 50% of the field crashed out, will you be able to keep it out of the barriers?


Please make sure you do not use your custom driver tonight, read this.

  • FP3 – Friday 21st April at 6.30pm
  • Qualifying starting at 7.30pm on Friday 21st April followed by the race

Lobby Settings

  • Weather: Dynamic
  • Race Distance: 100%
  • Damage: Full
  • Parc Ferme: On
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Round 5 – Race Day

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Apr 072017

Today sees the driver return to Barcelona where preseason testing took place, lets hope the weather is better than is is in China 🙂

Grandpoppydoo first race in Spain end with him on the podium, finishing third, he did much better in his second season taking pole position and the win, that season he was in a Red Bull the same team he racing for this season, can we see a repeat?

I hope to be broadcasting via Twitch tonight, so if you can’t race you can watch 🙂


  • FP3 – Friday 7th April at 6.30pm
  • Qualifying starting at 7.30pm on Friday 7th April followed by the race

Lobby Settings

  • Weather: Dynamic
  • Race Distance: 100%
  • Damage: Full
  • Parc Ferme: On

Drivers not Attending

  • Ramdrop Retired

No race next week due to Easter break.

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Season 16 – Russia – Race Roundup

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Apr 032017

We’re trying a slightly different, more to-the-point format for this week’s race roundup, so any feedback would be appreciated.

The outcome of this week’s race was already looking interesting on Monday night, as rumours of Ramdrop’s potential absence began to circulate. Sure enough, the rest of the grid were subject to a rare surprise; there would be a different winner in only the fourth round of the season.


  • It was OmegaIV, who, in his 70th league appearance, would take a dominant 5th career victory and a 29th career podium. Due to Ramdrop’s absence, he now holds the position of championship leader – and is the first driver other than Ramdrop to hold this position in an equal cars season since Snakey9400 in Season 12.
  • The Ferrari of LordRexxy took a hard fought, but deserved, second position, giving him a 14th career podium and scoring crucial constructors points for his team.
  • A sensational effort by Foggy in the closing laps of the race saw him claim a popular podium for the Renault team. He has already claimed far more than half of his points total for the entirety of last season. Could we be seeing the beginnings of a resurgence?


  • 4th – Morturiom: +08.826
  • 5th – Dr Waschl: +09.523
  • 6th – Leader: +11.976
  • 7th – Grandpoppydoo: +12.721
  • 8th – Kundih: +13.092
  • 9th – Westyy: +28.394
  • 10th – Smu3l3y: DNF (classified as >75% of race distance completed.)



  • 1st – OmegaIV: 79 points
  • 2nd – Ramdrop: 75 points
  • 3rd – LordRexxy: 47 points


  • 1st – Ferrari: 122 points
  • 2nd – McLaren: 121 points
  • 3rd – Force India: 70 points



Season 16 – China – Race Roundup

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Mar 252017

Season 16 marched onward this week to the Shanghai International Circuit in China, which saw the drivers deal with the first appearance of raindrops since the start of the season.

In a drizzly qualifying session which saw all drivers set their times on the intermediate compounds, it was Morturiom who took a surprise pole position, thus making it three different pole-sitters from three races. Just 0.257 seconds behind sat new McLaren driver Westyy, ahead of the Ferrari of Ramdrop and the other McLaren of his team mate OmegaIV. Overall, just 0.630 seconds covered the top five in qualifying – an impressive feat given the variable conditions.

It would be a dry start to the race, with teams allowed freedom of choice over tyre compounds due to the wet qualifying session. The two McLarens would start on soft tyres, with the polesitter and both Ferraris electing to run the medium compounds, perhaps in anticipation of further rain. Inevitably, it was the McLaren pairing who made the best starts, as Westyy leapfrogged Morturiom into turn one to take the lead, with his team mate following suit to take third from Ramdrop. A mysterious Virtual Safety Car period occurred as the pack exited turn two, which gave teams a chance to regroup briefly before the restart.

The top four remained close over the first ten laps, until OmegaIV and Morturiom clashed at turn two; sending the Force India driver at a 90 degree angle towards the wall. Ramdrop was able to capitalise from this as OmegaIV hesitated as he gathered his focus, making a move into turn one on the following lap as Omega went deep, sliding onto the grass. Further down the road, the Red Bull of Leader experienced a punctured tyre, scattering debris onto the track, which brought out the first and only Safety Car of the session. Without hesitation, the two McLaren drivers stacked themselves in the pits in order to change onto the medium tyre, handing the lead of the race to Ferrari and Ramdrop.

From this period onwards, it was a game of cat and mouse as Ramdrop slowly but surely extended his lead, as the McLarens ran nose to tail and Morturiom began to catch back up.

The teams received the message that rainfall was expected on around lap 45, duly prompting Ramdrop, Omega and Morturiom to pit onto fresh soft tyres in attempts to cover each other off in this final dry period. Westyy would assume the lead for a handful of laps as he extended his stint on the medium tyre, before switching to supersofts, which saw him drop back to fourth place as the rain began to fall.

After the switch to intermediates, it was once again Ramdrop who would prevail, to win by a margin of 9.769 seconds from OmegaIV, as Westyy completed the podium after an unsuccessful strategy call from Morturiom saw him struggle for the closing laps on a set of wet tyres.

Round 3 – China Season 16

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Mar 202017

The enormous Shanghai International Circuit facility was constructed to host China’s first Formula One race in 2004. Built at a cost of £132m ($240m), the circuit is dominated by a vast main grandstand and pit complex.

Grandpoppydoo managed his first podium at china in season 4, missing out on a win by 0.666 of a second to Judmann, that season he went on to win the drivers championship by 90 points, his first win was in season 6 beating Leader by 14.336 seconds, that year he was second in the drivers championship.


  • FP1 – Monday 20th March at 7.30pm
  • FP2 – Wednesday 22nd March at 7.30pm
  • FP3 – Friday 24th March at 6.30pm
  • Qualifying starting at 7.30pm on Friday 24th March followed by the race
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