Jul 252016

GT-Cup-Bentley-Donington-Wit-2016-startRound two of the first GT3 season is held this week, we will be racing at Donington Park and it’s a double-header.

The first race will be just as normal qualifying and then the race, the second race will be a reverse grid.

So far the practise times have shown 3 drivers out on their own at the moment, OmegaIV ramdrop and MrPix are way ahead at the moment, but this week should see everyone else close the gap.


Todays practice session starts at 19:00, the first session will run from 19:00 to 20:00 the second session will run for 1 hour from 20:00

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Jul 212016

cupEach season we hold awards for Rookie and driver of the season, we have changed how we vote for driver of year award by breaking down the vote in to race weeks, after each race drivers that took part and finished the race are given the opportunity to vote for a driver that they think was the best driver that race week, we then add up all the votes for each race to find the Driver of the Season.
Here is a full list drivers and the votes they acquired.

  1. Ramdrop 31 votes
  2. StevieP 21 votes
  3. Lamoracke 14 votes
  4. Kundih 12 votes
  5. Coops740 11 votes
  6. LordRexxy 11 Votes
  7. Leader 10 Votes
  8. OmegaIV 9 votes
  9. Smu3l3y 6 votes
  10. Grandpoppydoo 5 votes
  11. Foggy 1 vote

Congratulations Ramdrop on winning your second Driver of the season award.
There will be no Rookie award this season.

Jul 152016

brno2admin_pcars_logo GT3

So here we are, our first race in GT3, practice has shown Ramdrop and StevieP to be the fastest so far with little between them.

The Brno Circuit, also known as the Masaryk Circuit, has a colourful history which goes back more than eighty years. It is a history that has given, and continues to give, Brno an important place in the world of motorsports.

Brno is a right hand track with some fast right handed corners that will be hard on your front left tyres so you’ll need to look after them.

Practice starts from around 18:30 qualifying starts at 19:30 followed be the race.

FP1 Race 1 Season 1 Brno GT3

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Jul 112016



Friday sees the first ever FOR league race featuring GT3, this first season will be held on 9 different tracks with a total of 13 races, the first of those will be held at the  Brno GP Circuit in the Czech Republic.

If you have signed up for the new GT3 season please make sure you have given us your car and driver number before the start of the race on Friday.

Todays practice session starts at 19:00, the first session will run from 19:00 to 20:00 the second session will run for 1 hour from 20:00



Season 14 of F1 FUSION Online Racing has now ended and the next one (Season 15) will start in September 2016. A full season review will be posted early next week when all the votes are in for the driver of the week.



Arma 3 Apex is released today, those with the supporter edition will get this update free of charge, anyone else will need to purchase it, currently it’s on sale for £19.99 é23.33

Race 19 Season 14 Abu Dhabi Result

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Jul 092016

It’s all over, season 14 has now finished. OmegaIV had looked odds on to win this final race but things did not workout as planned for him, losing a couple of front wings and being held up by a car faster on the straights. Starting from the back of the grid, StevieP drove yet another great race finishing almost 30 seconds ahead of the next car.


With the season over, here are the driver’s final standings.


I will be posting a season summary over the next few days, in the mean time we move on to Project Cars and GT3.


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