Nov 222016

Right we are back to the old grind after a week of relaxing away from the track……..

When ever I race this track it tends to make me peckish. Hungary isnt famous for much apart from a good race track. Maybe Gene Simmons  from Kiss but thats it.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - APRIL 15: Musician Gene Simmons performs onstage during the 23rd Annual Race To Erase MS Gala at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on April 15, 2016 in Beverly Hills, California.  (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images for Race To Erase MS)

Practice Monday, Wednesday with Quali Starting at normal time, 7:30. Dont forget people.





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Project CARS PC Patch 11.2 Release notes

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Nov 212016

Project CARS – PC Patch 11.2

Hi all,

A new Project CARS patch is now live on Steam. With this patch we’re adding a way to configure VR super sampling in the game’s settings file.

What does this do? – It provides a way to scale up the resolution of the image rendered by the game, so that when it is displayed on the VR HMD, it appears clearer, with less shimmer and aliasing artifacts

How do I do this? – Look in this folder: Users<current user>DocumentsProject CARS

Depending on the HMD you’re using…
Oculus Rift, edit: oculussettings.xml
HTC Vive, edit: openvrsettings.xml

Look for a line called

HTML Code:

 "<prop name="ResScale" data="1" />"

Change the number after ‘data=’ to whatever you want to set your super sampling to. Higher numbers will increase the resolution, while lowering the number will decrease the resolution. We recommend starting with a value around 1.5 and experimenting with it from there. How much you can push this will depend on your GPU.

Have fun

*Spoiler – The difference this makes is pretty darn sweet!*

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