Aug 192017

Last night was the final race of Season 16. It went down to the last lap last night, but unfortunately both Dr Waschl and Leader lost out in their battles. Congratulations to both Westyy and Kundih on their battle victories.

With no practice due on Monday and Wednesday due to the new game, StevieP had an idea to do a full race calendar, 3 lap race sprints on Monday night when practice would begin. It’s only some fun, so hopefully we’ll see you all there.

F1 2017 is released on Thursday night at midnight, where everyone will be on wearing their party hats for a little play.

On Friday we will be hosting a race on the new game around Hungary in our new cars for Season 17. Practice and qualifying to begin at the usual time.

On behalf of Fusion, I would like to thank everyone for their commitment and racing throughout Season 16 and hope that this will continue into the new game. See you all on Thursday night.

Aug 152017

Just as the title says we’ve finally reached the end of Codemasters F1 2016 game. The final race takes place in Abu Dhabi, a track that is notorious with its kerbs, colourful stadium and good racing.

The constructors championship was wrapped up last week, so congratulations to McLaren. Ferrari will settle for second this season. That’s now both championships wrapped up but we still have battles up and down the field. Third place is still up for grabs between Dr Waschl and Westyy as is 7th place between Kundih and Leader.

We should be set for a great race on Friday judging by the times yesterday, as usual, the race starts after qualifying which begins at 7.30 on Friday.

Aug 072017

This week marks the last two weeks of Season 16. This week we race at Brazil, Senna’s home ground. There is only a 48 point gap between McLaren and Ferrari in the constructors championship, with a well earned result, McLaren can clinch it this very week.

Remember there is still time to sign up for Season 17, please visit the forum for more details. The results of the Season 16 quiz should be out sometime this week.

Practice begins tonight at 7.30, Wednesday at 7.30 and then Friday at 6.30 followed by qualifying and the race at 7.30.

Season 16 Round 19

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Aug 012017

We only have 3 rounds left to go before Season 16 ends. McLaren are set to have the constructors trophy in hand, but Ferrari are still close.

If you haven’t seen the signup page for Season 17 on F1 2017 and haven’t already done so, please visit and get your place on the grid. http://www.fusion-squad.eu/forum/topic/4852-f1-season-17-signup/

Practice for Mexico is on Monday and Wednesday at 7.30pm until 9.00pm, Friday at 6.30pm until 7.30pm followed for qualifying and the race.

Season 16 Round 18

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Jul 262017

We’ve finally arrived in Texas for the American Grand prix.

This is an important week as the Drivers championship can be wrapped up, Omega must not be outscored by more than 11 points otherwise the championship will slip from his grasp.

There are battles all up and down the fields, there seems to be a good haul of points available on Friday, so make sure you’re there to get those points.

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