Round 3 Bahrain

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Sep 182017

Today marks the 3rd week of Season 17 which takes place at Bahrain.

Practice starts tonight from 7.30pm, Wednesday at 7.30pm and then Friday at 6.30pm followed by qualifying and the race.

With no rain expected here in the desert, it is more than likely to be a completely bone dry race, but nothing is beyond the realms of possibility. Most drivers will be racing the tyres, will you?

Round 2 China

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Sep 112017

This week sees us march on through Season 17 to Round 2 which takes place at China.

Free practice tonight commences at 7.30pm, Codemasters have now fixed the force feedback issue, so join in progress is possible. Second practice takes place on Wednesday with the final session on Friday at a slightly earlier time of 6.30pm followed by qualifying and the race.

Season 17 Round 1

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Sep 082017

Tonight is the first round of Season 17. We are set to have a full grid tonight, if you’re unable to make it, please comment on the race thread so we can let the reserve drivers know.

Free practice 3 starts at 6.30pm UK time for an hour with full qualifying taking place directly after and the race starting promptly after.

Judging by the practice times this week, we are set for a very close knit race, it’s all about consistency, I’m sure we’ll see drivers up and down the grid making the odd mistake here or there.

Season 17 Round 1

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Sep 062017

This is it, the new season officially started on Monday 4th with the first Free practice session. The second free practice session takes place tonight at 7.30pm with the final free practice session on Friday at 6.30pm.

After tonights practice session, the free practice times will be uploaded in the notebook so everyone can have a peek and speculate about what everyone is doing.

Testing, testing, testing!

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Aug 292017

This week marks the first official test week of F1 2017. We are making sure it is  possible to go ahead and start the league next week. This week operates pretty much the same as a standard race week at Fusion.

We are practicing at Spain on Monday, Wednesday at 7.30 UK time, designated as Testing 1 and Testing 2 respectively. Then a final test at 6.30pm UK time on Friday for an hour before we go into a full qualifying session following directly by the race, the qualifying session will begin at 7.30 UK time.

Please note, there is currently a bug that causes drivers to lose force feedback if you join mid session, this is solved by that driver who has just joined exiting the pits and never pitting again. For this season, please be prompt to the practice sessions because they will be closed to avoid this issue. Codemasters are aware of it.

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