Oct 102017

Hi all,

Our release of patch 1.9 is imminent, pending QA approval. Please see below for what to expect from our latest update:

New Features

– New Spectator UI has been added to game.

– LAN Mode has been added to PS4 and PC versions.

– New Grid editor available in custom multiplayer modes.

– Photo Mode is now available on PS4 & Xbox One.

– Sports Update – Updated car and driver liveries.

– Sports Update – Updated car performance levels.

Bug Fixes

– Fixed an issue where continuing an online championship resulted in a crash.

– Fixed an issue in multiplayer where blue flags were occurring at the start of a race once – OSQ had finished.

– Fixed issue where players could be disqualified at the end of a race if they were disqualified during the formation lap.

– Fixed an issue in Multiplayer where the player position panel was showing incorrect positions when the spectating qualifying sessions.

– Fixed a multiplayer issue where players were starting a race in the wrong cars after OSQ if host migration had occurred.

– Fixed an issue where using an instant replay in practice and qualifying could cause the tyre models on all cars to disappear.

– Fixed an issue with a flickering skybox during dynamic weather events.

– Fixed an issue with lod popping on drivers heads when looking backwards with the camera during a race.

– Fixed an issue where changing display resolution or Alt-Tabbing during gameplay caused severe lighting and graphical issues.

– Fixed an issue where a white object was clipping through the players helmet.

– Fixed an issue where tabbing out during a race in heavy rain caused water kick-up to stop working.

– Fixed an issue with incorrect car images being shown in the standings screen after resuming a classic championship.

– Fixed an issue where Jeff repeated that he didn’t receive your last message.

– Fixed an issue where Jeff would use the wrong VO lines when requesting to box this lap pitting during practice programs.

– Fixed an audio issue with the end of race commentary incorrectly stating a SC made an impact in the race after only a VSC was used in race.

– Improved AI drivers ability when defending the inside line.

– Improvements to AI pace balance between qualifying and race sessions.

– AI Difficulty is now applied correctly in multiplayer sessions.

– AI will now pit under the SC for optimal strategy instead of waiting for the SC to go in.

– Player no longer told to catch SC when leading the race and already behind the SC.

– Fixed an issue where the AI attempts to overtake a player with FW damage under SC conditions and then receive no penalties.

– Increased the likelihood of SC & VSC periods occurring in online championships.

– Fixed an issue where double points were being awarded for the AI when a player retired with terminal damage.

– In career mode players can now use the laptop and not lose the opportunity to compete in a invitational event.

– Fixed an issue which could show incorrect development time in weeks on R&D parts.

– Driver number No 1 appears on car instead of 0 after winning drivers championship.

– Fixed an issue where stop-go penalties could be ignored without receiving a penalty.

– Achievement / Trophy – Up to Eleven will now unlock correctly.

– Added the 2nd DRS detection zone to Baku and updated track map video.

– Added pre-set controls for Heusinkveld pedals.

– Fixed an issue where the Thrustmaster TX wheel was displaying Xbox Icons for all rim presets.

– Fixed an issue where gearbox wear would stay at 0% when using no assists and manual gears during a 100% race weekend.

– Fixed an issue where tyre allocations were defaulting to balanced after returning to weekend set-up screen.

– Rebalanced medium traction control performance.

– Fixed an issue with the ‘Find Me’ button on the leaderboard scrolling 100 places rather than to the player’s position.

– Fixed an issue where Sauber and Mercedes were always the most interested teams when reputation levels are maxed out.

– Various other fixes and improvements.

Find something here doesn’t work in the way it should? Let us know below!

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