Season 16 Quiz Results


Here are the results of the quiz, we had 6 responses.

Firstly, I will answer the questions.


Q: Who has attended the most races?

A: OmegaIV, Westyy, Dr Waschl & Kundih


Q: How many VSC’s and Safety Cars have there been?

A: 15


Q: How many corner cutting/track extensions have there been over the course of the season?

A: 817


Q: What is the total amount of time penalties incurred?

A: 612 seconds


Q: Which compound has been the most favourite among drivers? (4,152 laps turned)

A: Soft


Q: What is the total mileage that has been covered by attending drivers?

A: 32,898.98 miles


Q: How many pitstops?

A: 460


Q: How many laps have been completed?

A: 10,511


So lets see who was the closest, question was 1 was very straight forward, out of all the people who answered, only one person got it wrong… Smu3l3y… check the standings.

Question 2 was more of a guess.. the closest answer was 14 and that was by OmegaIV.

Question 3 was about corner cutting, well, it’s not been a fairly clean season, but at the point of the quiz, the answer was 817. Nobody got it right, but again, closest was 901+ and that was by OmegaIV.

Question 4 was time penalties, by dividing by 3 you could guesstimate the answer, but some people got 10 seconds so not that easy the only person who was correct was Dr Waschl who correctly identified 601 < 700s.

Question 5 everybody got right, great job.

Question 6 was mileage. Special shoutouts to those who didn’t bother answering the question, especially Westyy’s 1,000miles. Closest answer was Dr Waschl with 32,000.

Question 7 was about pitstops and again, a guess. 460 was what I was looking for, and the closest was Smu3l3y with 450, so well done.

Final question was about laps.. well for Westyy.. that wouldn’t have been much. But the answer was 10,511. Closest was 11,500 with Foggy.


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