FUSION GT3 Racing League Rules


FUSION GT3 Racing League Rules

The following rules apply to Season 1 of the FUSION Project CARS GT3 league. They are to be read and respected at all times, the rules are in place to help maintain clear and fair racing for everybody involved.

We pride ourselves on clean racing and ask that you do so too. Clean racing means that there is no contact with other drivers and no corner cutting by extending track limits to gain time. Nobody is perfect and everybody understands that mistakes do happen and we try to make the best of it and move on.

Each team will be provided with a single joker card, this joker card can be used on a race night to delay the start of the qualifying session by up to an hour. Please note that each team only has a single joker, so use it wisely.


Section 1 – Driver Behaviour

We have a working Teamspeak 3 server and we ask that you join this for the duration of the racing event, even if you do not have a working microphone. This way it is easier for messages or instructions to be given. This also can be used to avoid and resolve on track incidents. We all like to have a laugh before and after the race, so why not join in the fun.



All of the information relating to the running of the league, including race videos, driver of the week & the penalty area are all available on our forum. We post announcements from time to time on there and whilst we don’t expect you to post there every single day, we do ask that you take note of the forum.


The rules of the forum are exactly the same as the race lobby, please be respectful to your fellow drivers and avoid behaviour that is intended to aggravate others and remember most importantly, everybody who races does so because they enjoy it and therefore, please respect drivers regardless if they’re faster or slower than you.


Idle gossip can be distracting to other drivers which is why when qualifying starts, we ask that unless it is important to the session, do not engage in idle gossip. This could put a driver off on their qualifying lap or equally if they’re jostling for position.


If during the race you feel that another driver has broken the rules or if you’re involved in an incident, please be respectful of the other drivers racing. Don’t discuss or argue about it during the race, please pick up the pieces and move on and report it in the penalty forum afterwards. We know it can be difficult to do in the heat of the moment.


Nobody is perfect and errors are made. The committee aim to get every decision correct, but this is not always possible. If you feel that the decisions are wrong, either on the penalty forum or on a call during the race lobby, please be respectful of others. Decisions in the heat of the moment can be difficult and we ask that you accept this. Decisions may be reviewed at a later date if you feel an error has been made.


Racing is supposed to be fun at all times. If you’re having a bad race, don’t act stupid or immature and ruin it for other drivers. You have to accept as a driver that some races will be better than others and if you’re unable to enjoy the racing because you’re not winning all the time, then you are not what we’re looking for. Somebody will always be at the back.


Section 2 – Expectations


We know that from time to time, you may miss a race for whatever reason. If you find yourself in this position, you must give sufficient notice of your absence before the race either in the official race thread or by letting a member of the committee know.


A proper reason must be given for why you cannot attend. By stating that you don’t want to race because you’re not fast enough or can’t be bothered is not sufficient.


As a driver, you are responsible for information us about your attendance. You can let us know by messaging us or by replying to the thread on the forum. You cannot get a friend or a fellow driver to do it.


We don’t want to see anybody leave, however, we can’t stop you once you’ve made your mind up. We do ask that if it is during mid-season that you reconsider and fulfil your commitment when you signed up. There are of course reasons that are beyond our control and if its due to unforeseen circumstances, we will understand. Giving up mid-season because you’re off of the pace is not acceptable. If you find yourself in this situation, please contact a member of the committee and make your feelings known – if we don’t know, we can’t help you.


If you do leave mid-season because you’re off the pace or can’t be bothered any more and then wish to join the next season, you will be excluded from the next season. You will be accepted at the committee’s discretion.


Section 3 – Racing Etiquette

Clean racing at all times. No contact should occur between you or any of your other fellow drivers. Accidents occur during races, if you’re at fault of a collision, you could be liable to a penalty.


If you make a mistake and hit another driver or cause a collision, you must slow down off of the racing line and let the affected drivers back through, there will be situations where this will not apply. The affected driver can say over voice chat to keep going and to not slow down. Failure to do this may result in a harsher penalty.


Overtaking is the very nature of racing, but try to keep it clean. As the chasing driver, you are responsible to not make contact with the car in front.


Equally, defending is an important part of racing. As the defending car, you must choose a line on the track and stick to it, do not excessively weave or block the attacking driver. Do not force the attacking car off of the track either. If you and the attacking car are alongside going into a corner, you must adjust your line to avoid contact. Sudden movement into the path of the attacking car is forbidden.


The boundaries of the track are defined by the white lines, the kerbs are outside the white lines and therefore outside the track boundaries. You must keep two tyres inside the white lines at all times, exceeding to gain an advantage is not allowed. If you persistently break this rule, you will find yourself penalised.


If you overtake another driver by exceeding the track limits, you must give the position back immediately.


Project CARS does not have any assists that make you aware of a car that is in close proximity to you. If you’re familiar with other games, you have arrows or a spotter that indicate whether a car is close to you. Please take extra care when racing with another driver.


If you lose control of the car and spin off or on the track, be careful when rejoining the track as your car will not ghost. We suggest that to avoid a bigger collision that you remain still and do not move until it is safe to do so.


Section 4 – Track Rules

We will be using the in-game flags and rules for all races. The game will alert you with the corresponding colour of flag at the appropriate time. This applies for qualifying as well.


When qualifying, you are responsible for finding some free space on the track before starting a hotlap. If you find yourself catching up to another car that is on a hotlap, they do not have to yield to you. If you are on an outlap or intending on pitting on the same lap, you must allow the fast car approaching you to pass.


When coming up to lap a fellow driver, they will be made aware via blue flags that they are about to be lapped. As the driver being lapped, we ask that you do not impede the drivers behind and move over if safe to do so. The drivers may flash their headlights to warn you.


If you have been lapped and find yourself in a position to unlap yourself, this is not forbidden. In fact, we encourage it, just make sure you do not hinder the car that has lapped you.


The pit entrances have white lines into and out of the pits, you are not allowed to cross these lines when entering or exiting the pits. This is dangerous and could cause a collision. Pit stops are not mandatory, however, you may find yourself in a position in doing a pitstop.


Do not move off of the grid at the start of a race before the green light has been shown. The game awards jump starts harshly by awarding a drive through penalty. If the game does not award a penalty, you may be penalised by the committee. If you do think you’ve clearly jumped the start and not received an in game penalty, simply lift off of the throttle to negate any advantage gained.


Not every race will be ideal conditions, some races will be progressing into the night whilst others may take place in thick fog or starting at night. As a result, please be sensible and put your headlights on to be visible to other drivers – it will also help you see the road. Therefore, make sure you have a button set aside for your headlights and likewise with windscreen wipers for rain.


Whilst the headlights option remains, do not excessively flash another driver deliberately. It is annoying and off putting and any driver seen to be purposely flashing their lights for no reason will be penalised.


Some games enable drivers to join after qualifying has finished and before the race start. Games are not perfect and you may find you are misplaced on the grid. If this is the case, accelerate off of the start and pull over safely to let the field pass before re-joining the race.


Section 5 – Penalties

We can’t control everybody and undoubtedly, things are going to happen that are beyond our level of control and we have ways of dealing with this.


Some drivers record their own races, but Project CARS has a nice feature to save a replay. It’s known to be buggy, but gives an overview and allows the committee to see much more clearly what has happened in each incident. Therefore, all drivers are required to save each race reply and keep it for at least a week.


We have a penalty forum that is used to report any incidents that may have occurred during the race. There will be a pro forma to use in the penalty post that must be completed.

You can make a post for the following:

  • Racing incidents – if you feel that another driver has forced you off of the track, hit you or has driven too aggressively.
  • Jumping the start – you should report this if you feel somebody has gained an advantage.
  • Corner cutting – please report drivers who abuse the track limits.


For the committee to deal with all enquiries promptly, every driver has 72 hours after the race has taken place to make an enquiry about an incident that you may have been involved in or witnessed. As a result, we will aim to come to a conclusion within a further 72 hours, but this may not always be possible because we may need to see different points of view from other drivers to see exactly what has happened.


If you feel that the penalty you have been given is too severe, you have the right to appeal against the decision. The incident will then be reviewed and the penalty that was issued will defer for a week. Some tracks make racing more difficult and this rule cannot be used to gain an advantage.


If you wish to make an appeal, you must make this known within 24 hours of the committee’s decision.


Dependent on the severity of the incident, you may get awarded a penalty. This will vary from a small time penalty up to and including a full race disqualification.


Please note that all penalties are intended for those who have broken the rules. If you are on the receiving end of an incident, we cannot compensate you for this.


The committee is not biased to any driver and will remain neutral in all decisions made. If a member of the committee is involved in an incident, they are unable to be part of the decision process. This applies if a committee member is in the same team as the affected driver.


We will be imposing a warning system. A driver may receive up to 3 warnings throughout a single season. With these warnings, any of the penalties above may be issued alongside.




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