Frontier Expo Streaming Schedule

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Oct 042017

Greetings Commanders!

In order to make sure everyone can enjoy our Frontier Expo, even if you’re not able to make it in person, we are broadcasting parts of the event, including our special content reveals, on our official channels throughout the day! Please note that our guest speakers and the talks taking place on the Second Stage will not be streamed, in order to offer exclusive content for the attendees. Some content will be recorded and published at a later date.

Have a look at the schedule below to know exactly when and where to tune in from home:

3:30PM BST Frontier Expo PRE-SHOW
Where? Official Twitch channel[], Official YouTube channel, Official Facebook page.
Join Community Manager Bo for a snappy show packed with a host of special guests to hype you up for our major game announcements!

5PM BST Special Content Reveals
Jurassic World Evolution: Special Content Reveal
Where? Official Twitch channel[], Official YouTube channel, Official Facebook page.
Senior Community Manager Edward invites Jurassic World Evolution’s Game Director Michael Brookes, Lead Designer Andrew Fletcher, and Head of Animation Nick Rodgers to the Main Stage for the first ever look at this epic new title.

Planet Coaster: Anniversary Update Reveal
Where? Official Twitch channel[], Official YouTube channel, Official Facebook page.
Nearly one year after the game’s release, Senior Community Manager Edward is joined by Planet Coaster’s Lead Programmer Andrew Chappell, Lead Artist Sam Denney, and Art Director John Laws to talk about the upcoming Anniversary Update.

Elite Dangerous: The Year Ahead
Where? Official Twitch channel[], Official YouTube channel, Official Facebook page.
Looking forward to the next year in the game’s development, Senior Community Manager Edward talks to Elite Dangerous’ Lead Designer Sandro Sammarco, Game Director Laurence Oldham, and Art Director Chris Gregory.

After Content Reveal: Frontier Expo POST-SHOW
Where? Official Twitch channel[], Official YouTube channel, Official Facebook page.
Recap the entire day with Community Manager Bo and the developers.

Special Guests
Many content creators are attending Frontier Expo and will be putting vlogs on their channels for you to get even more backstage experiences of the entire event. Did you know that Yogscast are representing with Hat Films, Sjin, Duncan, Angory Tom and Turps), and they will host an official recap show on Monday October 9. YouTuber Ali A is also going to be there to film his experience and post stories live from the show floor.

That’s not all though; we have even more friends coming who are streaming live from the special streaming booth during the entire day. For a complete list of all of our special guests, please check this page[] for their streaming times and a link to their channels.

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2.4 The Return – Update 2.4.02

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Oct 042017

Hi everyone,

We’ve released update 2.4.02 this morning (Oct 3rd, 2017), below are the changes for this update.



  • Fixed the air traffic controller work assignments so they no longer appear to be working where they shouldn’t

General Fixes & Tweaks

  • General text fixes

Holo-Me Creator

  • Removed some placeholder text for the Cyber Lips tattoo


  • Fixed issue whereby mining missions could be turned in for profit without leaving station
  • Reverted the reward for the Dead Missions to 10 million after it erroneously changed back to 100 million
  • Prevented planetary scan sites from spawning in the same location
  • Rebalanced passenger missions to be much more in line with other mission types
  • Rebalanced distance from star reward elements
  • Increased chance of skimmers on planetary scan missions
  • Fixed an issue with rank mission and permit spawning
  • Fixed incorrect mission (incredibly high) credit rewards and expiry times
  • After reviewing overall player experiences since 2.4, we’ve adjusted the number of missions the servers attempt to send for each board or passenger lounge


  • Fixed an issue where after an interdiction, the Thargoid did not move or interact with players until taking damage
  • Fixed an issue whereby a ship’s shield appeared to still be active during the Thargoid shutdown wave
  • Fixed an issue whereby Thargoids were not attacking the player if they were carrying Thargoid parts in their cargo hold

Player Journal

  • We no longer write to the journal when in Training Missions
  • Fixed player name in Journal text message report

PlayStation 4

  • Speculative fix for texture resolution problems


  • Fixed Companion API authentication problems
  • Fixed an error in ship rebuy cost after committing a murder crime against another player
  • Reminded the Engineers how to speak Portuguese
  • Hid hidden factions from the summary local news report
  • Fixed various transaction server errors

Beluga Liner

  • Decals on the Beluga Liner have been made less reflective
  • Fixed some incorrect preview thumbnails/names for Beluga Expedition Paint Jobs


  • Fixed the SRV’s emergency oxygen supply not activating when the life support module is disabled (i.e. running out of fuel)

Stability Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when Thardoids fired their missiles
  • Implemented a fix for some players getting stuck loading the Galactic Politics panel
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when in Supercruise
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when accepting missions
  • Fixed a crash that could occur at the Thargoid Barnacle encounters
  • Fixed a crash that could occur as a Thargoid dies while a heart is exerted
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when fighting a Thargoid
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when at a surface port
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to open station services in the docking challenge scenario
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a player jumped to hyperspace

Stations and Outposts

  • Fixed several visual issues with the Coriolis stations
  • Increased the current no fire zones around Stations and Outposts from 6km to 8km

Weapons & Modules

  • Increased the module health of the heatsink launcher and shutdown field neutraliser, from 20 & 20 -> 45 & 35 respectively
  • Reduced the ArmourPiercing value of Anti-Xeno Dumbfire Missiles from .05 to .001
  • Fixed an issue with the docking computer to prevent it scraping large ships when entering a station
  • Raised the Anti-Xeno turret base to allow for a clearer field of fire
  • Thargoid weapons are now completely immune to chaff (or any other form of weapon confusion)


  • Fixed an issue whereby wing members were sometimes getting multiple copies of combat bonds from destroying Thargoids

Xbox One

  • Fixed a bug where users were not being offered the features they had bought while signed in on an Xbox other than their home Xbox
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SITREP #00203

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Oct 032017

FROM: High Command
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Dev-Branch Ops, Hotfix 1.76 Status, Printed Maps


Over the past weeks we have been collecting feedback on version 1.76 on all channels available to us. Based on this we have prepared a hotfix candidate. It includes Zeus instability fixes as well as other multiplayer crash fixes based on recent testing via the special-purpose public profiling builds. Our plan is to roll out the hotfix this week assuming testing goes well. In parallel, the majority of the Arma 3 developers are in the middle of production for the two future releases: the Tac-Ops DLC mission pack and Tanks DLC.


The Golf Club 2: Update v1.03

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Sep 282017

Below is a list of items that have been address in this update.

• Staggered Leaderboards in Online Societies – This will hide final results of the round from the user before entering a round and they will see scores unfold during the event, even if the other players have completed their round.
• Society President Banning – This will give Society presidents the ability to remove inactive users or users who are abusing their settings for their Society.
• Additional Stat Tracking – We have added personal stats breakdown for number for Birdies, Eagles, Albatross and Hole-in-Ones for the user.
• Society Search Filters – We have added the ability to sort societies by popularity and by entry fees.
• Course Designer – Improved stability of course editing when manually planting pieces of grass with brushes.
• Auto Adding Rivals – Users can turn on auto add rivals during a society event and the game will select players from their round to complete against and will automatically add them to their scorecard.
• Society Handicaps – Handicap restrictions are now taking effect when joining an event, not only when joining a Society.
• Added Strokes – Addressed a case where some users were experiencing added strokes to their round after viewing a replay.

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Temporary changes for Season 17

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Sep 282017

The following changes are so we can race with fewer issues in the forthcoming races.

  1. Any driver that drops out once the race has started will not be allowed to rejoin if you do try to rejoin after dropping out you will be given a DSQ and banned from the next race.
  2. AI must be set to 100
  3. Drivers that decide they can not continue must retire in the pit lane, and driver that retires on track will be banned from the next race.
  4. Safety car to be turned off.

Once patch 1.8 is released we will review the above.

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