FUSION GT3 Racing League Rules

FUSION GT3 Racing League Rules

Formula Fusion GT3 Racing League Rules

Formula Fusion GT3 Racing League Rules

The Formula Fusion GT3 Racing League is a group of mature racers who enjoy being competitive in the Project Cars series. We enjoy practising every week and have a regular attendance at races and practice sessions each week. We pride ourselves on clean racing which is upheld in every race. Our top priority is to race for fun.

These rules will be amended as they need to be.

Entry Requirements

  1. 18 years or older
  2. Working microphone and TeamSpeak 3 downloaded and installed.
  3. Steering Wheel to race with.
  4. A legitimate copy of the Project Cars 2 game that we are racing with.


  1. Gathering between 19:00 – 19:50 UK Time
  2. The race starts at 20:00
  3. Races will be no more than 1 hour with a random grid when it is a sprint race week the second race will be reserve finishing order from the first race.
  4. Dynamic weather is used for all races.

Race length and types

  • Full-length races lasting 1 hour
  • 2 x Sprint races up to 25 minutes

Driving assists allowed

  • We only use realistic driving aids, if the car you drive has ABS it will be used, the same for Traction Control, all over aids are banned.

Simulation Settings

  • Tyre Wear: On
  • Car Damage: On
  • Collisions: Full


  1. 1 or more drivers disconnect or experience a bug that causes a large amount of time loss between the end of qualifying and the start of the race. The race is deemed to have started when the five red lights have gone out.
  2. 1 or more drivers disconnect or experience a bug that causes a large amount of time loss before the leader has completed 5 laps.
  3. 3 or more drivers simultaneously disconnect or experience a game bug before the leader has completed 25% of the race.
  4. 5 or more drivers simultaneously disconnect or experience a game bug before the leader has completed 50% of the race.
  5. All drivers have disconnected, and the lead driver has not completed 50% of the race.

If a restart has been called: –

  1. Drivers will join a new session and there will be a rolling start. The grid positions will be determined at the point that the restart was called.
  2. If the restart has been recalled after qualifying, the tyres that you set your fastest lap on during qualifying must be used.
  3. If you disconnect during qualifying, your time is discounted, and you will start at the back of the grid – however, you use the tyre compound you did you fastest time.
  4. If drivers had previously disconnected or had a problem, they may be re-invited back to the lobby but will start at the back of the grid.
  5. The restarted weather will be set to what it was in the original race session.

Non-Restartable Race

  1. If the lead driver has completed more than 50% of the race and less than 75% of the race, then half points will be awarded.
  2. If the lead driver has completed more than 75% of the race, then full points will be awarded.
  3. The result will be taken from the last fully completed lap by the lead driver.
  4. If overtaking needs to be done, do it in a safe place such as a straight or confirm with the overtaking driver that you intend to overtake into a braking zone.
  5. Once in position, please confirm this on TeamSpeak – the committee member will confirm if the race is starting on that lap or if another lap must be done.

Car and Driver Allocation

  • You may use any car in the GT3 class.
  • Once you have picked and raced with a car that car will be your car for the rest of the season


  • Each season may vary in the number of races we hold.
  • We will do two Seasons in each calendar year.

Driver Penalty System

  • Each week there is a thread put up that relates to the last race. If there was an incident during this race that you wish for the committee to look at, please post in this forum.

We ask that you provide:

  • Some evidence of the incident, the best proof is video evidence – we ask that this video evidence is uploaded in raw footage and not edited in any way.
  • A description (in your eyes) of what happened.
  • Be polite and professional, don’t hand insults around or the claim will be dismissed.
  • If the claim has been made against you, you must submit your version of events using the same evidence as above.
  • If a penalty is handed out and you feel that this is incorrect, or you don’t agree, you as a driver have the right to appeal. In doing so, this defers the penalty issues for a week. This cannot be used to gain an advantage.
  • If you are wishing to make an appeal, this must be posted in the thread before the following Wednesday at midnight.

 Rules of Racing

  •  Clean Racing
  • We ask that you race cleanly always, this is not bumper cars and contact should not occur between two drivers on track at any time. You should try your best to avoid this from happening, however, in saying that, incidents do occur and if you feel you are at fault, you must let that driver back through when able to. Please do not scream or shout on TeamSpeak if this does not happen.
  • If you accidentally take out another car or are responsible for causing an incident, you must slow down and safely let the affected car(s) back in front of you on track. This rule can only be overruled by the affected driver telling you over voice chat to keep going.
  • Deliberately crashing into another car will not be tolerated and you risk being banned.
  • Deliberately crashing and destroying your car will result in a 1 race ban.


  • As the chasing car, it is your responsibility to not contact the car in front. Do not be too aggressive when overtaking, you don’t have to give your opponent the most ideal bit of space but running your opponent of the road is considered aggressive and unsportsmanlike.


  • You as the defending car can make 1 defensive move, excessive weaving and blocking is not allowed. When making your move, stick to it going into the corner. Do not force a chasing car off the track by leaving too little room, this is considered aggressive and unsportsmanlike. If the attacking car is alongside you are going into the corner (if the attacking car’s nose is ahead), you must adjust your line accordingly to avoid contact. If you are not sure if they are there, a quick verbal confirmation on TeamSpeak is allowed.

Corner Cutting or Extending the track limits

  • Corner cutting and extending the track limits is not allowed and will not be tolerated, you are expected to stay within the track boundaries with at least two tyres always. The white lines define the edge of the track, not by the edge of the kerbs. You can gain an advantage by corner cutting and this is not allowed. The game does administer penalties, but we have a system. If you overtake a car off the track, you must give the position back, the game should tell you but if it doesn’t, you are expected to remain respectful of the rules.

Qualifying etiquette

  • In qualifying, it is your own responsibility to find free space on the track when going for a hot lap. A car on a hot lap does not have to yield for a faster car approaching from behind. You as the driver are in control of whether you let a car past, but deliberate blocking is not allowed.

Race etiquette and TeamSpeak

  • All drivers must be on TeamSpeak for the duration of the race and must respond when asked to.
  • We understand that during a race an incident may occur, and this may frustrate you, but we ask that you please just pick up the pieces and move on and discuss this at the end of the race.
  • Please do not excessively discuss said incident as this will distract other drivers nor continuously complain about an issue if you do so you will be punished.
  • Be respectful to other members always.
  • The only time you should talk during a race is if you need to transmit information that is of importance, I.E you have spun out, you are blocking the track.
  • Under no conditions are you allowed to discuss any issues before during or after a race in TeamSpeak other than to a committee member in a separate channel away from the main group.

Failure to comply with the above rules will result in one of the following.

  • 1st offence a verbal warning.
  • 2nd offence one week ban from TeamSpeak.
  • The 3rd offence one week ban from TeamSpeak and 1 race ban.
  • 4th offence banned from the league for the rest of the season.

Once you have reach the 4th level the committee will then decide if you can return to the league in any future season.




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