Patch 1.5 Notes

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Aug 312017

Hi all,

1.5 has just been released on PC! You can find all the details on the patch notes below in all supported languages. Additionally, we’ve fixed the audio stutter bug that you reported to us.


· A missing gear fault will always be fixed after swapping out a worn gearbox for a new one.

· Fixed a crash seen loading in to any Multiplayer session.

· Reduced the amount of gearbox and engine wear when playing 25% distance races.

· Fixed an audio stutter


· Une panne de boîte de vitesses sera toujours corrigée en remplaçant une boîte de vitesses usée par une neuve.

· Correction d’un plantage lors du chargement d’une session multijoueur.

· Réduction de l’usure du moteur et de la boîte de vitesses pour les courses sur le quart de la distance.


· Getriebestörungen werden jetzt immer behoben, wenn ein neues Getriebe eingesetzt wird.

· Es wurde ein Fehler behoben, durch den beim Laden einer Mehrspieler-Session das Spiel abstürzte.

· Der Verschleiß von Getriebe und Motor bei Rennen über 25 % der Rennstrecke wurde verringert.


· Un guasto del cambio verrà sempre riparato dopo aver sostituito un cambio usurato con uno nuovo.

· Risolto il problema di caricamento delle sessioni multigiocatore.

· Quantità di usura del cambio e del motore ridotta dopo aver completato il 25% della gare su lunga distanza.


· Wada spowodowana brakującą częścią będzie teraz zawsze usuwana po wymianie używanej skrzyni biegów na nową.

· Usunięto problem powodujący zamknięcie gry podczas wczytywania dowolnej sesji gry wieloosobowej.

· Zmniejsza poziom zużycia skrzyni biegów podczas rozgrywania wyścigów na 25% dystansu.


· Um defeito de marcha faltando sempre será consertado depois de trocar uma caixa de câmbio gasta por uma nova.

· Foi resolvido um travamento ao carregar qualquer sessão Multiplayer.

· Foi reduzido o desgaste da caixa de câmbio e do motor em corridas de 25% de distância.


· Отказ коробки передач, вызывающий пропуск передачи, теперь всегда будет устраняться при замене коробки.

· Исправлена ошибка, приводившая к аварийному закрытию игры во время загрузки многопользовательской игры.

· Снижен износ двигателя и коробки передач в заездах протяжённостью 25% полной дистанции.


· Los fallos de ausencia de una marcha se solucionarán siempre al cambiar una caja de cambios desgastada por una nueva.

· Se ha solucionado un bloqueo que ocurría al cargar una sesión multijugador.

· Se ha reducido la cantidad de desgaste de la caja de cambios y del motor al jugar carreras del 25 % de la distancia.

Let us know if there’s anything not quite right!

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Patch 1.4 Notes

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Aug 292017

Hi all,

As of 29/08, we released the latest patch – 1.4. Here you’ll find the notes for patch 1.4!

• The McLaren MP4/4 is now available for selection in Multiplayer modes for players with the Special Edition.
• Players will no longer be incorrectly disqualified from Multiplayer sessions.

Below you’ll also find the patch notes in the other supported languages of F1 2017:


• Agora o McLaren MP4/4 está disponível nos modos Multiplayer para jogadores com a Special Edition.

• Os jogadores não serão mais desclassificados incorretamente em sessões Multiplayer.


• La McLaren MP4/4 peut maintenant être choisie en multijoueur pour les détenteurs de l’édition spéciale.

• Les joueurs ne seront plus disqualifiés des sessions multijoueur sans raison.


• Der McLaren MP4/4 steht ab sofort allen Spielern der Special Edition in den Mehrspielermodi zur Verfügung.

• Es wurde ein Fehler behoben, durch den Spieler fälschlicherweise von Mehrspieler-Sessions disqualifiziert wurden.


• Il McLaren MP4/4 è ora disponibile nella selezione delle modalità multigiocatore per giocatori con la Special Edition.

• I giocatori non saranno più squalificati senza motivo dalle sessioni multigiocatore.


• Teraz gracze posiadający Edycję Specjalną mogą wybrać bolid McLaren MP4/4 w trybach gry wieloosobowej.

• Gracze nie będą już niesłusznie dyskwalifikowani z sesji gry wieloosobowej.


• Владельцам специального издания игры теперь доступен McLaren MP4/4 для многопользовательских режимов.
• Игроки больше не столкнутся с ошибочной дисквалификацией во время многопользовательских гонок.


• Ahora, los jugadores con la edición especial pueden seleccionar el McLaren MP4/4 en los modos multijugador.

• Los jugadores ya no serán descalificados de manera incorrecta de las sesiones multijugador.

If you notice anything that isn’t right, please let us know!

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Testing, testing, testing!

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Aug 292017

This week marks the first official test week of F1 2017. We are making sure it is  possible to go ahead and start the league next week. This week operates pretty much the same as a standard race week at Fusion.

We are practicing at Spain on Monday, Wednesday at 7.30 UK time, designated as Testing 1 and Testing 2 respectively. Then a final test at 6.30pm UK time on Friday for an hour before we go into a full qualifying session following directly by the race, the qualifying session will begin at 7.30 UK time.

Please note, there is currently a bug that causes drivers to lose force feedback if you join mid session, this is solved by that driver who has just joined exiting the pits and never pitting again. For this season, please be prompt to the practice sessions because they will be closed to avoid this issue. Codemasters are aware of it.

OPREP – Laws of War

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Aug 232017

UNIT: Joris-Jan van ‘t Land, Project Lead, Management
TO: Arma 3 Dev-Branch Users
OPSUM: Actions have consequences


Recently we’ve revealed Arma 3 Laws of War DLC[] (formerly known as “Orange” DLC) and promptly staged a full testing version on Dev-Branch[]. In this OPREP we would like to offer insight into the origins of the project, a unique collaboration with an inspiring organization, our work on some feature refinements, and how we believe this DLC will be of value to you.

Full Report[]

SITREP #00200

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Aug 222017

FROM: High Command
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Laws of War DLC Reveal, Update 1.76 RC


This SITuation REPort marks the 200th of its kind since we released the public Arma 3 Alpha over 4 years ago[]. Starting with weekly updates, we’ve recently switched to reporting about on-going development and community activities every other week. It’s amazing to us to see the player-base still so strong, and new recruits are joining daily. There’s a lot of interesting content headed your way, with the just-revealed Laws of War DLC soon to be released, and the Tac-Ops DLC and Tanks DLC under active development. And never forget about user-generated content – modding is as strong as ever. Thank you all for contributing to the Arma 3 platform!


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