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About Us

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FUSION is a merger between two Squads: Platoon and Geeks With Guns (GWG). Both Squads already had a rich history, with Platoon going back to the CC4 days (2001), and GWG being there from the start of Operation Flashpoint (2002). The majority of the members are English and/or Dutch speaking, English being the language used during gaming.

We also have several members which ran the OFP/Arma1 leagues European Flashpoint League (EFL) and the European Combat League (ECL), which means we have access to a good selection of maps and map templates which can be used for a variety of game types.

We now run an F1 league which was started with the first release of Codemasters’ F1. We now have more than 10 seasons that FUSION members have raced in and are one of the longest running racing leagues on PC.

FUSION values

  • FUSION stands for a responsible attitude, dedication, friends among each other, fun first.

Recruitment policy

FUSION are recruiting.

  • Candidates will enter a trial period, of which HQ decides the length.
  • At the end of the trial period, all FUSION will get the possibility to veto the membership of the candidate.
  • If no veto is declared, the candidate will be a new FUSION member!

Requirements for a new FUSION candidate are as follows:

  • Living in Western Europe (BST or CET time zone) – this is a guideline as exceptions can be made.
  • Age of 18 years or above

If you interested in joining please, see our recruitment page.


HQ consists of Leader (Dave), R0adki11(Andy) and HitmanFF (Erik)


Web site management (front end): Dave
Web site management (back end): Dave and Erik
Game server management (hardware/OS/applications): Erik

ArmA 3

ArmA 3 is our current game of choice after moving to it from ArmA 2.

We meet regularly on: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday , starting roughly at 20:30 BST/21:30 CET, and lasting until the last man falls asleep behind the keyboard.

With sufficient members present, two team leaders are drafted or appointed at the start of a training night, and two teams are selected by picking members one by one. Splitting up TeamSpeak channels is considered good practice, and a plan is set up by the team leader for that map and round.

Everyone who turns up to these nights will be able to play.

Our ArmA 3 game server is privately owned by HitmanFF. Any hardware upgrades are being paid for by HitmanFF, and as such, hardware parts remain his property. If this policy gets in the way of future upgrades, we will change it as necessary (meaning if HitmanFF cannot pay for a needed upgrade, we will find other means to do so, which may include contributions by other members).

The ArmA 3squad xml (to be filled in for your ArmA 3 in-game profile) is:


The F1 league is organised and ran by a committee consisting of:

Leader, Ramdrop and OmegaIV.

We usually run through 2 seasons per 1 F1 game although this is subject to change.

We race 100% races with most assists banned.

We practice on Mondays and Wednesdays and race on Fridays, all sessions start at 8PM GMT/BST.

Our racing league now has 2 divisions due to the popularity of the league and many have been part of the league for 1 year+.

If you want to sign up look at our recruitment page, which is linked above under the recruitment policy.


We also have a dedicated F1 plugin which records all season results and some statistics, you can view that here.


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