Addon Pack How-to

Addon Pack How-to

Addon Pack How-to please read carefully.

The FUSION addon pack is very large, the pack contains islands, buildings, vehicles and many more enhancements to make your Arma 2 experience much more enjoyable.


  • ArmA 2
  • 7-zip (Download the 64 bit installer here, 32 bit installer here).
  • Yoma’s Addon Sync 2009 (download the 7z file here. You will need to place the contents in a folder somewhere on your hard drive, no installer available yet).

Start up AddonSync 2009 from the folder mentioned above.

Press ‘Settings’.
Untick the ‘Arma 1 is installed on this PC’ marker. AddonSync 2009 will keep nagging on startup until you tell it where ArmA 1 is located or the box is unticked…
Tick the ‘Arma 2 is installed on this PC’ marker. Add the location of your ArmA 2 program (try the ‘detect’ buttons, those should locate the right folders)
Now AddonSync 2009 will know where to place the addons folder.

Select ‘New server’on tab ‘Favorites’.
On tab ‘Server’, add the URL http://www.fusion-sq…rma2/@FUSION.7z in the ‘Auto config URL’ line. Make sure to add the http:// prefix.
Note (for copy paste) (http://www.fusion-sq…rma2/@FUSION.7z) in box ,no brackets
Press ‘Import server’. Some details will be filled in now.

Select ‘Download addons’ tab.
Press ‘1) Check for addons’. A list of files will occur in the right side window.
Press ‘2) Download addons’ and wait until download has finished (1753 MB currently).

Make a desktop shortcut for ArmA2, or adapt your shortcut by adding ‘[email protected]’ in the target line.

You’re now ready to use the addon pack!

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