AMA III – Revenge of the Glyph

AMA III – Revenge of the Glyph

Hi all,

It’s time for a new addition of the Community AMA!

Before posting please bear the following in mind:

  • One question per post
  • Repeat questions may not receive an answer; check through the thread before posting
  • Please do not start conversations with other players; stick to questions and replies to ourselves

Answers from previous threads we won’t be repeating:

  • We have not been able to identify a current solution to the Pulse Wave Analyser bug. It has been pushed to our code team to investigate further. Please be aware that they are currently working on Odyssey and working from home. This is a priority for us.
  • A fix for the Azure Paint Job has been rolled out in testing and we are currently waiting to see if it is successful.
  • With regards to unrevealed lore and narrative we won’t be confirming or denying any information!
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