AMA IV – Happy 3307

AMA IV – Happy 3307

Happy 33o7 commanders!

We’re back for another round of our AMA with the Elite Dangerous Community Team!

Post any questions you would like to see answered in this thread and we’ll do our best to respond to as many of them as we can! Don’t worry if we can’t answer your questions right now, we’ll bring as many as possible to our development team, to see what answers they can share in the future!

To get the most out of this AMA please keep in the mind the following before posting:

  1. Please keep it to one question per post
  2. Please keep questions short and to the point. We’ll focus on answering as many questions as we can so may not get round to yours if it takes too long to read through.
  3. Please don’t ask any unrevealed lore or future plot questions, we can’t spoil things for you.
  4. If you have a suggestion please post it in the suggestions forum.
  5. If you have found a bug or issue please post it in the Issue Tracker
  6. Please check out what questions have come…

AMA IV – Happy 3307

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