Camera Suite Improvements: Update Notes

Camera Suite Improvements: Update Notes

Greetings Commanders!

Once again, thank you to all involved in the brainstorming of issues and quality of life requests to help improve the Camera Suite for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey.
With so many areas of Odyssey to cover right now, we haven’t been able to implement all of the top requested tweaks as part of our forthcoming Update 6, but we are excited to have taken this healthy step in what we hope is the right direction for a more optimal experience.
We will naturally continue to listen to feedback further as time goes on…I’m just glad we got to tackle the ‘Signal Lost‘ issue for you, at the very least right now!

I tell you what, let’s do this in the style of my favourite things in the whole wide world (second to Commanders) – Update Notes.

Update 6: Camera Suite Improvements.

  • Fixed several issues that could cause…

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