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Elite Dangerous: Updates to Powerplay In Update 7

Elite Dangerous: Updates to Powerplay In Update 7

Greetings Commanders.

This may come as a slightly sudden but hopefully not too unhelpful a shock to you all, but coming along with the next updates for Elite Dangerous Odyssey and Horizons this week, we will be making a small number of tweaks to Powerplay.

Here’s an outline below of what you can expect:

Changes To Powerplay

  • The process where control of a starsystem is lost by revolt now correctly accounts for income already provided to competing control systems.
  • Income values will be updated for many control systems so that they are the sum of their own income PLUS all the systems they currently exploit.
    • Income from the week is expected to change.

Why The Changes?

As several Commanders reported via the issue tracker (specifically, when some control systems were lost to revolt, Powerplay didn’t always correctly account for CC income changes to nearby control…

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