Colonia Bridge Decal Issues [UPDATED 15/03/2022]

Colonia Bridge Decal Issues [UPDATED 15/03/2022]

Greetings Commanders,

You may have received an inbox message today informing you that you have received a Brewer Corp decal from the recent Colonia Bridge CG’s. Due to the recent delay of Update 11, these decals are actually not visible in-game yet. This issue will be resolved next week once the update is released.

Apologies for any inconvenience.



It turns out all the rewards were flipped on their head 🙃

In short, if the CG reward text said “TOP X % of Commanders get Y” then the BOTTOM X % of Commanders would have gotten Y instead.

The plan of action is as follows:

Colonia Bridge Phase 4 Correction

  • Players who were given the red and blue emissive decals by mistake will keep those decals.
  • Players who should have received the red and blue emissive decals but have not yet received them (this is currently the top 25% of participants) will have this added as soon as possible.

Colonia Bridge Lifetime Participation Correction (Brewer Corp…

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