#CommanderCreations – 03/09/2021

#CommanderCreations – 03/09/2021

Greetings Commanders!

As always, you haven’t disappointed with your fantastic creative work this week, so let’s dive into another round of #CommanderCreations! If you would like to be featured next week, make sure to post your creation on Twitter with the #CommanderCreations hashtag.

Spaceboop Art By CMDR BeetleJude

BeetleJude is back again with another fantastic piece of art, this one depicts the classic boop of the ship snout! This time it looks like a metallic crystal that’s on the receiving end of the boop, so hopefully there’s not much damage done to this beautiful space entity!

Elite Diorama By Harambecomebackpls

What better way to make use of your 3D-printed Elite ship models than to make an amazing diorama out of them? That’s what Reddit user Harambecomebackpls has done here and we must say, it’s quite brilliant!


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