#CommanderCreations – 14/05/2021

#CommanderCreations – 14/05/2021

Greetings Commanders!

As we’ve mentioned through the week on our livestreams and in the community schedule, we’re starting a new initiative called #CommanderCreations! We know the Elite Dangerous community is one of the most creative out there, and we want to show it off! If you want to get involved in future weeks, please use the hashtag #CommanderCreations when posting your amazing work on Twitter!

Without further ado, here are some of our favourite creations from Commanders this week:

Custom Grand Prix Mamba Paint Job By DJOzmanMJ


This beautiful design by @DJOzmanMJ gives the Mamba a brand new look! The Mamba is one fast ship, and this paintjob idea definitely gets the point across! Be sure to check…

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