#CommanderCreations – 17/09/21

#CommanderCreations – 17/09/21

Greetings Commanders!

It’s time to sit back and enjoy another round of brilliant creations from our very own community! Remember, if you would like a chance to be featured, just post your creation on Twitter using the hashtag #CommanderCreations, or link it below! Without further ado:

Exploration Montage By Lana Hyugatha

Lana Hyugatha recorded their recent exploration trip and cut it together into this wonderful montage that highlights many different aspects of Elite Dangerous, whilst also being backed by Radiohead!

Human Thargoid Tech Ship By Richard Daborn

This fantastic concept art by Richard Daborn showcases their take on a human ship powered by Thargoid technology! It’s the size of a small corvette, features a regenerative hull, and is codenamed ‘Charybdis’!

Laser Engraved Elite Logo By ChuckityChuck044

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