#CommanderCreations – 20/08/2021

#CommanderCreations – 20/08/2021

Greetings Commanders!

It’s time to bring another week to a close with a brilliant set of Commander Creations! Don’t forget you can always get involved using the hashtag #CommanderCreations on Twitter, or by posting your creation in the replies below! Let’s get underway:

Norma Expanse Postcard By DarthFabrer

Darth Fabrer has been sharing their adventures in the black, and have even sent a lovely postcard of this quite unique set of planets all lined up! Great find, and a great postcard! We’ll stick it on our fridge!

Hull Seals Reminder By OmegaDrebin

You should always be aware of your air supply – and what you need to replenish it! This handy reminder by OmegaDrebin of the Hull Seals will save your Commander’s life one day – keep it memorised!

Model Viper By LCU No Fool Like One & Daughter

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