#CommanderCreations – 26/11/2021

#CommanderCreations – 26/11/2021

Greetings Commanders!

It’s me, the ‘unofficial Zac Cocken‘ aka Sally Morgan-Moore, coming to you live (depending on when you read this) with this week’s Commander Creations thread, celebrating mass creativity from a special selection of top picks to catch the eye over this past week in Elite Dangerous social spaces!

Now listen, if you see anything in here which has been shared before or is really old – don’t shout at me. I thought they were cool, this isn’t my usual forte in here, but I’ve enjoyed it all the same.

Without further ado!

CMDR RealDanFitz: Commander Christmas Decs.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/realdanfitzy
These have been all over the Twitter timeline this past week and even though we are still in November – I’m not even mad about it. I could never be mad about Elite Dangerous tree ornaments, even if they came out in May or something.

Dan has clearly been seriously busy in the spirit of Commandery-Christmas time…

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