Community Event Calendar Now Live!

Community Event Calendar Now Live!

Greetings Commanders!

I’m happy to announce that the Community Event Calendar is now live and awaiting your event submissions:

We’re excited to see how you as a community use this tool, and I’m looking forward to hearing feedback on how we can potentially develop this further, if it proves useful to players. The calendar is currently set up to accept a range of event types, from races to mining meetups. At the moment, events can’t last for months at a time – this is something we’ve already noted for a potential phase 2 of the calendar, but for now, if you’re running an expedition, I suggest entering the dates for your event as a ‘starting period’ or ‘sign up’ period, and you’re welcome to put the full date range in the description.

All events submitted into the calendar will be subject to approval, which may take a few days, so make sure to get your event in well ahead of time. There will also be a set of FAQ’s to answer…

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