#CommunityCreations 24/09/2021

#CommunityCreations 24/09/2021

Greetings Commanders!

It’s been a busy week in Elite Dangerous, with the release of Update 7 and the Horizons update. Of course, a new week means new astounding #CommanderCreations to show off! Here’s what’s in store this time:

The band is back together by 25Migg

Over on Reddit 25Migg shows off the scale between different ships in Elite Dangerous!

Extinction Level Event Linocut

CMDR Beetlejude on Twitter created this awesome Elite Dangerous linocut.

Lakon T-6 Blueprints by Velko Vidich

Velko Vidich on Reddit has continued to update their astounding blueprints for the Lakon T-6!

3D Printed…

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