Console Profile Transfers: FAQ and Expected Date

Console Profile Transfers: FAQ and Expected Date

Greetings Commanders,

Many of you will be aware that we announced an upcoming process which will allow players to copy progress from their console Commander profiles to Horizons for PC. If you missed that announcement, you can find more details here. Please note:

  • The original console profile will remain playable
  • Only one profile may be copied per copy of Elite Dangerous
  • This will be a one-time only process

We’re happy to confirm that this process is scheduled for release in September. The implementation has a lot of moving parts and we appreciate your patience and understanding.

Please find below an FAQ based on your queries to the previous announcement:

Console Profile Transfer FAQ

Which elements of my console profile will be copied to PC?

  • Your Commander name IF that name is not already in use on another PC account. If it is already taken, you will be given the chance to choose a new name as part of the…

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