Developer Update 3 – August

Developer Update 3 – August

Greetings Commanders,

As we reach the end of the month, we are delighted to share our latest development update with you.

Issue Tracker

To kick things off we would like to update you on the key issues as voted for by our community on the Issue Tracker. Remember you can visit the Issue Tracker any time to vote for your top issues or make a report.

1. Lighting and Illumination in Odyssey

Since Odyssey’s launch we’ve made a large number of updates to in-game lighting to bring the experience more in line with Commander expectations. These changes included relighting ship cockpits, improving all materials and overhauling star light and station exteriors, to call out just a few.

Following the major changes in Update 6 we’ve now, based on your feedback, made additional changes to areas such as Fleet Carriers and exterior station lighting which will be deployed in Update 7.

Whilst we recognise that some Commanders may continue to have feedback around how the game…

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