Development Update 1

Development Update 1

Greetings Commanders,

We would like to share with you our first monthly development update since the launch of Elite Dangerous Odyssey. The purpose of these monthly news articles is to give a regular, moment in time, updates on how development within Elite Dangerous is progressing. The aim is to a provide a factual look at community requested features, issues, and a look forward at what the team are working on next.

Please note: the nature of these updates will be ‘warts-and-all’; you will likely see work in progress screenshots and content taken from WIP builds. That means that all information and assets shared are subject to change.

We will be looking to share more information on development challenges as well as talking about progress that has been made in other areas. Making games requires a large number of people working closely and in sync. There will always be a need to prioritise and focus development efforts on specific features and content for the biggest benefit of…

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