Development Update 2 – July

Development Update 2 – July

Greetings Commanders,

With the end of July closing in on us faster than a getaway Mamba with illegal cargo, we wanted to share our second monthly developer update with you now.

As mentioned in David Braben’s recent post, we have adjusted our planning to retain our development focus on the PC version of Odyssey before revisiting our plans for console. This change in planning will mean we are able to deliver more bug fixes, performance improvements, as well as some new features and content.

Issue Tracker

Similar to last month, we would like to update you on key issues as voted for by our community on the Issue Tracker. You can visit the Issue Tracker and vote for your top issues or make a report.

1. Lighting and Illumination in Odyssey

  • Changes in Update 6 will address lighting issues, however we’ll…

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