Development Update 4 – September

Development Update 4 – September

Greetings Commanders,  

As we reach the end of another month and we are delighted to share with you the latest development progress from the team.

Last week saw the release of Odyssey Update 7 which brings big changes to Conflict Zones such as anti-air defences, rocket troopers, and dogfighting. If you missed last month’s Development Update, you can check out the turrets in action here or you can jump into Odyssey right now to try it for yourself!

Issue Watch

We’ve had a lot of feedback since our August post and have been hard at work tackling your most pressing issues: not just from the Issue Tracker, but from all corners of our community. We’re pleased to report that with Update 7 we tackled a number of pertinent bugs and those issues have now been closed on the tracker.

You can see Update 7’s full release notes here for more information.

To kick things off, we would like to update you on the key issues as voted…

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