Discovery Scanner [Weekly Update] – 29/03/2022

Discovery Scanner [Weekly Update] – 29/03/2022

Greetings Commanders!

Apologies for bringing you your Discovery Scanner a day later than usual this week, but here we are! Let’s talk about all things Elite Dangerous.

Fleet Carrier Interiors & Update 11 Feedback

First up this week, I want to talk about Fleet Carriers, specifically, your feedback to the launch of interiors, and Update 11 as a whole. We’re very happy to see that the vast majority of Commanders are enjoying the update, and of course the jump sequence that I like to bring up every week because it’s just THAT good. Your feedback, however, has been incredibly valuable as we look to improve the experience further moving forward. Of all the feedback, I believe the following are the most prevalent:

  • Bartender Service storage cap (already tweaked)
  • Bartender Service sell pricing cap
  • You would like to use menus whilst sitting
  • The panel next to the Commander’s chair in the bridge should be interactive

The above has all been fed back to…

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