ED Odyssey runs fine on some Linux distros.

ED Odyssey runs fine on some Linux distros.

Now, with the recent release of MS Windows 11 (on Oct 5), some people who had previously had enough of MS Windows 10,
and were willing to give the Linux operating system (OS) a go, may not make the switch now ? :)

For those still interested in trying the Linux OS, for whatever reason, I can tell you it works just fine
on some Linux distributions. Not all Linux distros will work with ED Odyssey. It has been my
experience, after trying Linux for the most part of the last 2 years (while also trying the latest versions
of the macOS (Mac operating system), and also using MS Windows 10) —–> the Linux OS in
some of its versions/distros is getting better at running more and more MS Windows games.
That’s right, the Linux operating systems for some distros, not all, is simply getting better in
the ways it handles and runs some of the modern MS Windows games. :)

I am not saying to give up on MS Windows 11 (it looks so much more better that MS Windows 10),
for all of todays games…

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