Elite Dangerous Community Schedule W/C 15 November 2021

Elite Dangerous Community Schedule W/C 15 November 2021

Greetings Commanders!

After an exciting weekend with the hunt for Theta Seven, let’s look ahead to the week with the latest community schedule:

Supercruise News:
Arthur & Sally will be discussing the latest Elite Dangerous Issue Report on this week’s Supercruise News.

Stellar Screenshots: Get your Dutch angles (and all over photography terms) at the ready for another instalment of Stellar Screenshots!

Horizons CQC Night:
It’s time to see if Bruce & Zac can regain their throne in the latest CQC Night, join us in Horizons on Thursday evening!

Community Goal: There’ll be a brand new Community Goal for you to take part in this Thursday!

Commander Creations:
After an especially busy week, we missed Commander Creations last Friday, so we’re looking forward to catching up on your fantastic work!


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