Elite Dangerous Community Schedule W/C 21 June 2021

Elite Dangerous Community Schedule W/C 21 June 2021

Greetings Commanders!

It’s the first week of Summer here in the UK, but that doesn’t mean we can’t stay indoors and play a bit of Elite, does it? We’ve got another great week of content for you to look forward to, so check out the schedule below:



Supercruise News #38: Zac & Bruce will be sharing the latest game news, showing off highlights from the community, and playing some Elite Dangerous in this week’s Supercruise News!


Stellar Screenshots: After last week’s SPVFA Photography School stream, we’re excited to see the latest Stellar Screenshot entries from the Commanders with a keen eye!

ED Elite Club: Make sure to tweet your celebrations if you recently made an Elite rank! Include the hashtag #EDEliteClub for a chance to be featured on our own channels!


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