Elite Dangerous Community Schedule W/C 2nd August 2021

Elite Dangerous Community Schedule W/C 2nd August 2021

Greetings Commanders!

Welcome to another week in the Elite Dangerous galaxy! As always on Mondays, it’s time for a look ahead at what the week holds in the Community Schedule:


Commander Creations
: Last week was so busy with Update 6 news that we didn’t have time to post your wonderful Commander Creations! We’ll be rectifying that with a forum post today.

Flight Assist-Off Challenge:
Zac & Bruce will be continuing their self-inflicted trial of Flight Assist-off flying challenges. This can only go terribly.

Stellar Screenshots:
Now the Camera Suite improvements are in the game, we can’t wait to see the new creative shots that the photographers of the Elite universe are going to submit to #StellarScreenshots moving forward! Make sure your entries are…

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