Elite Dangerous Community Schedule W/C 6 December 2021

Elite Dangerous Community Schedule W/C 6 December 2021

Greetings Commanders!

We’ve arrived at the precipice of Update 9, and are merely days away! But, that’s not all to look forward to this week. Check out everything to mark on your calendar with the schedule below:

Stellar Screenshots:
Taken a beautiful shot recently? Make sure to submit it to our weekly screenshot competition for a chance to win a paintjob!

Elite Sports – SRV Stunts:
Elite Sports returns this week with a special episode exploring the world of stunts in Elite Dangerous. Note: This show is pre-recorded and at 18:00 UTC on Wednesday, not Tuesday, but we will be in the chat alongside you watching and answering questions! We’re also looking to use the YouTube Premiere feature functionality, so you should be able to set a reminder!

Odyssey Update 9:
We are currently planning to release Odyssey Update 9 on Thursday. This will…

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