Elite Dangerous: Console Hotfix plans and Light Catch Up.

Elite Dangerous: Console Hotfix plans and Light Catch Up.

Greetings Commanders,

A very warm and happy 3308 to you all – it’s really great to be back in The Black with you all in another epic journey across our evolving Galaxy with another year set ahead of us.
We’re taking time this week to gather our plans, catch up and prepare – so bear with us for a few days more on schedules and such as we get out stars aligned.

What I am happy to share is that the team have been working on a small hotfix this week for Elite Dangerous console players, to address the following:

  • Cannot edit fire groups – menu navigation does not work.
    • If your ship has modules that fall under the Utility category, you’re unable to set your fire groups because navigation within the fire groups tab does not work.
    • Further Reading: Commanders can become unable to set fire groups for such modules as the Detailed Surface Scanner (DSS), Data Link/Comp Scanner due to not being able to navigate down the menu at all. After subsequent…

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