Elite Dangerous Crime: Fines, Bounties and Notoriety

Elite Dangerous Crime: Fines, Bounties and Notoriety

Greetings Commanders.

It’s noted that there’s been some discussion on fines bounties and notoriety (particularly in Odyssey now Commanders are on foot, carrying out some deeds) across these Forums.

I can confirm that no major changes or updates should have happened in the “Criminal Activity field” as part of Update 6, but it does concern me that some elements of Crime are sparking conversation and confusion, following update 6.

With this in mind I’d like to release this post to share more targeted info on how crime works as Elite Dangerous currently stands. This could potentially help those who are new to the game, or be used to open up an additional space for further thoughts and discussions with the veterans :)


When committing crimes in the Elite Dangerous galaxy, you have always faced either fines or bounties, depending on the gravity of your actions…

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