Elite Dangerous: Cyber Monday Event is LIVE

Elite Dangerous: Cyber Monday Event is LIVE

Greetings Commanders!

Happy Monday…CYBER MONDAY no less and there’s a familiar treat in store.


Swooping in to join the fleet of Black Friday offerings from last week, some absolute favourites have arrived – ‘STYGIAN’ paint jobs for all ships and vehicles are now LIVE as part of our Cyber Monday event.

For our Cyber Monday event we have:

  • Stygian Paint Jobs for all ships/vehicles (here until December 3rd).

As a recap to last week…

For our Black Friday event we have the following on offer until December 3rd:

  • A 50% discount on Ship Kits.
  • A 25% discount on Suit Customisation.
  • The release of Midnight Black Paint Jobs for all ships/vehicles.


I was really hoping for Midnight Black and Stygian customisation options for my Commander/Fleet Carrier/Weapons. Can we expect these some time?

  • It was great to see how many of you wanted the…

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