Elite Dangerous: FSD Reward Issues [reModifications & Experimentals] Follow Up.

Elite Dangerous: FSD Reward Issues [reModifications & Experimentals] Follow Up.

Greetings Commanders.

Regarding the latest post on addressing confusion around the inability to add further modification/experimentals to the latest CG FSD reward: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threa…fication-application-of-experimentals.593774/

I thought this information below would be better in a new post for you, just incase this statement got drowned out in the original post.

I can absolutely confirm from all sides that:

Any future improvements made to in game UI clarification of the inability to not further modify/add experimentals to pre-modified module rewards, will not negate any previous modifications/added experimentals you have to currently owned reward modules already acquired.

I’d also like to add that we are not stating that all future reward modules will not be able to accommodate applied experimentals.
We just need to be clear…​

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