Elite Dangerous: Horizons PC & Console Update Notes

Elite Dangerous: Horizons PC & Console Update Notes

Greetings Commanders.

Well here we are. If you’ve read this as part of the Odyssey Update 8 notes, then forgive me I’m going to repeat myself on the intro again just for the sake of keeping things nice and tidy o7

An update for Elite Dangerous Horizons PC & Console is scheduled for today,
HOWEVER I do need to bring the news of a slight change to the expected deployment schedule.
(Now listen…You all warned me last night, right? I’m here to jinx us…clearly.)

I’ll be open with you with what’s happened:

  • Last night the team discovered one final, nasty issue with the way languages were suddenly displaying (#gamedev). This needed an immediate fix.
  • When you fix something, you must always run sanity checks against the build set to deploy. These checks will need to happen this morning due to the timing of the fix last night.

To that end, we now need to formulate a slightly new deployment schedule for today which…

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