Elite Dangerous: Horizons Update for PC and Consoles Notes

Elite Dangerous: Horizons Update for PC and Consoles Notes

Many more greetings Commanders.

As promised, this is the first instalment of a dedicated ‘Quality Of Life’ update being brought to Horizons, spanning all platforms (includes consoles, just be be totally clear).
Theres more to come as we go along the forthcoming updates (by that I mean this is NOT the “true parity update” coming after this) of the year, so we’ll keep you informed of progress made.

Some of these will be repeats from other update threads/The Update 7 thread BUT I figured a separate post for Horizons tweaks will be easier to digest and be more clear for you all, than have it jsut bolted on to the Update 7 landslide of list.

Servers are now offline (or there abouts) and are scheduled to begin spooling up again at 14:00 UTC (15:00 BST).
Please remember that there’s a chance not all platforms will be back online at the same time, but it’ll be as near enough as possible.

We’ll be on standby with our eyes peeled…

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