Elite Dangerous: In-Game Memorials

Elite Dangerous: In-Game Memorials

Greetings Commanders,

We’d like to revisit our approach to player memorials in-game.

In the past, we’ve accepted requests to add locations or change location names to give players a place to remember and celebrate their loved ones. Unfortunately, this gesture could not be scaled to meet the large number of requests we received as time went on.

We’re now ready with a solution that offers an equal and respectful way to honour all Commanders’ requests to memorialise friends and family that have passed. Our plan is to create memorial beacons in the following systems, each of which will feature an epitaph and a list of names:

  • Sol
  • Achenar
  • Alioth
  • Shinrarta Dezhra
  • Colonia
  • Asellus Primus
  • Dromi

The names will be updated periodically every few months at all locations. This will allow any visitor to see the full list at any beacon at any given time. The locations are expected to be added by the end of this month.

We’ll leave this thread open for…

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