Elite Dangerous Issue Report – 05/10/2021

Elite Dangerous Issue Report – 05/10/2021

Greetings Commanders!

It’s time for the latest of our Issue Reports. Below you’ll find the latest Top 20 table, based on your most voted issues in the Issue Tracker.

Note: the status and planned release of each issue is subject to change as various factors affect the ongoing development schedule.

Top 20 Issues

  1. Tiling Planetary FeaturesAs before – would require a large overhaul so no short term plans.
  2. Automated accounts are used to influence BGS and Powerplay. – See our statement from 9 September.
  3. Anti Aliasing Not Working CorrectlyAnti-aliasing improvements will come in Update 8 with additional ones planned for the future.
  4. Exiting the Game just hangs need to force terminateStill under investigation.
  5. Joystick buttons 32+ not workingStill under investigation…

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