Elite Dangerous Issue Report – 10/08/2021

Elite Dangerous Issue Report – 10/08/2021

Greetings Commanders!

I’d like to introduce you to something new. Below is our first Top 20 Issues table, summarising the highest voted issues on the Issue Tracker. As part of being open and honest about the game’s development, we’ll be regularly posting updated versions of this table and discussing it on our Supercruise News streams.

Note: the status and planned release of each issue is subject to change as various factors affect the ongoing development schedule.


Top 20 Issues:

  1. Problems With Lighting and Illumination: We’re happy to say this is now fixed since Update 6, having spent some time to monitor it afterwards. Any new issues to do with lighting should now be reported on the Issue Tracker as normal.
  2. Degraded Terrain Textures Compared To Horizons: A lot of the work for this went into…

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