Elite Dangerous: Known Issues Following Latest Updates

Elite Dangerous: Known Issues Following Latest Updates

Greetings Commanders.

Following very many continued conversations throughout present threads here in the Forum after the deployment of the latest updates this week (thank you so much for your time), we’re continuing to file through the more pressing, widespread reports of immediate issues that significantly impact gameplay and give you a place of further acknowledgement of them, as oppose to losing responses to pages of discussion, here there and everywhere.
That’s not helpful to you.

Right now we are focused on the following issues raised in the last few days since update releases.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a list to overrule pre-existing issues raised which either didn’t make it in to the latest updates or are legacy issues affecting gameplay.

We’re still working on updates for you regarding previously raised issues around many areas of the game, not only gameplay, which we’re hopeful to give you more information with progress on soon…

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