Elite Dangerous: Odyssey BGS and crime details

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey BGS and crime details

Greetings Commanders,

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey has landed on PC this week and with it a whole new and exciting way to explore the galaxy! With these new additions the living universe of Elite Dangerous has become even more alive and we wanted to share some more information on how that will effect some key aspects of the game.

Background Simulation and Galaxy

  • Odyssey Settlements will appear in different states, that reflect one of the BGS states afflicting their controlling Faction
  • When two factions engage each other in a War, their Odyssey settlements will become battle sites and in turn host Conflict Zones.
  • When a war is resolved, all battle sites will return to being standard settlements under the control of the faction that won the most Conflict Zones at that particular battle site during the War.
  • Odyssey adds new actions which the player can carryout that have a knock on effect to the Security and Economy of a given Faction as…

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