Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Has Launched!

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Has Launched!

The moment has come, Commanders.

It’s time to set out into the great unknown of our galaxy in the launch of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey on PC.
Seasoned Commanders and new pilots alike can now rise from the seat of their cockpit and explore the galaxy like never before, in this new era of Elite Dangerous.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey opens up further exciting realms of exploration, from newly accessible planets with light atmospheres beautifully rendered by stunning new technology, to new immersive missions at ground level with the risk of coming face to face with combat ready foes.

Disembark your ship at the nearest port to meet with new on foot mission givers and gear up with your favourite specialist suit and equipment, to be ever ready for any challenge that lies ahead.
Team up with your most trusted crew, or head out alone across stunning new environments, with complete freedom in first person from a “through your eyes” perspective.

We simply cannot wait to see you continue your…

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