Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Hotfix 10.02 | 03/02/2022

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Hotfix 10.02 | 03/02/2022

Greetings Commanders.

Apologies for swooping in on you quite suddenly with this on your Thursday morning, however at approximately 12:00pm UTC today we will be deploying a small hotfix to address some stability issues experienced with Elite Dangerous: Odyssey.

It’s a short and sweet one again today, Commanders! Please forgive the quietness yesterday – it can get very busy ‘behind the curtain’ here at the moment and attention needs to be spread accordingly, so thanks for being patient regarding CM tags, messages and responses. You’re all mega important.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Commanders will today recieve a Hotfix to address a number of key stability issues.

Odyssey only servers will flip briefly offline from 12:00pm UTC with minimal downtime required.

The hotfix will be available shortly after the downtime (as usual I’ll be in touch here anyway).​

Updates of note:

  • A number of fixes to…

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