Elite Dangerous | Odyssey: Roadmap

Elite Dangerous | Odyssey: Roadmap

Greetings Commanders,

As mentioned in David’s forum post on 25th May, we would like to share our immediate roadmap for Odyssey and talk a little more about performance and improvements as we move towards the console release later this year.

We’d like to take a moment to thank everyone for their patience and understanding while we review your reports and feedback. We’ve been working hard to address critical issues – Update 2 went live yesterday, which followed Update 1, the previous 2 hotfix updates and server and stability fixes deployed in May. We have been seeing some awesome content shining through from Odyssey, but we know there’s still work to be done to make the experience as good as it can and to further address feedback.

To that end, here’s a short summary of our immediate roadmap of updates and the key focuses within them.

  • Update 3 – Thursday 10th June
    • Many…

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