Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Update 6 – Crew Restoration

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Update 6 – Crew Restoration

Greetings Commanders,

As part of Update 6 we deployed a fix to return all abandoned crew that you may have lost, due to an issue in Odyssey’s rebuy process.
This issue would cause NPC crew, requested to be re-hired, to instead be abandoned.

How Will This Fix Affect Me?

  • During Update 6 downtime we returned all abandoned crew to players which would have triggered a message in your in-game inbox.
  • This may leave some players with more than 3 hired crew, all of whom will resume claiming their salary from the player’s income.
  • To mitigate this we have imposed a temporary cap to the combined crew salary at 45% of player earnings.
  • The temporary income cap will be raised to 100%, 4 weeks after the update, so any players who still have more than 3 crew will receive an inbox message reminder that they are still taking their cut.

How Do I Dismiss…

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