Elite Dangerous Odyssey: Update 8.01 Notes

Elite Dangerous Odyssey: Update 8.01 Notes

Greetings Commanders o7

Wow. A Friday. I guess we made it!

As part of this ‘very real feeling Friday’ we’re releasing a client side point update* for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey this morning, to address a number of issues the team have been able to tackle, following the release of Update 8 this week.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey servers will be offline from approximately 11:00 BST (10:00 UCT)
Servers are expected to come back online, with the update available at around 11:15 BST (10:15 UTC – maybe even sooner. Not long anyway).

These are client side fixes, so an update to the game is required.

Horizons only players will not be affected by this downtime.

* As a reminder, “point updates” are updates which target specific issues in the immediate timeframe following a release (in this instance, Update 8). They do not include new feature content.

8.01 Update Notes:

  • A fix has been…

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