Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Update 9 | Immediate Issues Of Note

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Update 9 | Immediate Issues Of Note

Greetings Commanders.

Thanks for all of the discussion today following the release of Update 9 for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey.

There are naturally many of you wondering what I’ve been doing with the conversations we’ve been having throughout the day, so just to summarise things here’s a current list of ‘Issues of Note’ under internal investigation right now.

These issues are currently in internal investigation phase, so I cannot provide an ETA of addressing currently or fix schedule. We’ll keep you posted on any specific developments.

PLEASE REMEMBER: These issues in the below list do not negate other issues reported. These ones either immediately impact gameplay following Update 9 or are previously reported issues which require a further look into, to see why they remain in game following the update, after having had some prior attention.

For other information regarding general known issues outside of Update 9, you can refer to the Odyssey…

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